Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Accounts and Mailboxes Deletion Policy

- 2021/06/28

Accounts and Mailboxes Deletion Policy:

Describes the engagement rules of UQU accounts and mailboxes when a student, a staff member, or a faculty member leaves UQU permanently.


This policy applies to all UQU students, staff members, and faculty members.


The establishment and development of an integral technological infrastructure to achieve the requirements of the local, regional, and international authorities.

Strategic Objective

Ensures optimum usage of UQU student, staff, and faculty accounts and mailboxes through effective and efficient management.

Detailed Objective



  1. The university provides the resources and email services for its members to help them perform their tasks.
  2. All email and accounts services are to be managed in a lawful and effective manner.
  3. All communications sent by UQU users via the email system must comply with all UQU policies and may not disclose any confidential or proprietary UQU information.
  4. University e-mail shall not be used for any illegal or unlawful purposes. Examples of this would be the transmission of violent, threatening, defrauding, pornographic, obscene, or otherwise illegal or unlawful materials.
  5. Users are responsible for saving personal copies of email and account-related data before their last working day.
  6. UQU will not be responsible for any loss in users’ emails after access is disabled.
  7. The email of the Saudi academic staff members will continue to work after their retirement.
  8. The email of non-Saudi academic staff members will be stopped once they terminate their work with the university.
  9. The university email should not be used for personal purposes.

Operational Policies and Procedures:

When the Deanship of IT is notified that a staff member, a faculty member, or a student has permanently left UQU, the DoIT Helpdesk will issue the appropriate tickets to the relevant teams to take the following actions:

1. Non-Academic Staff Members:

a. All accesses will be revoked and accounts will be disabled on the last day set by the UQU HR Department.

b. Mailboxes of staff members will be deleted one year after they leave UQU.

2. Academic staff:

a. All applications and services except email will be revoked on the last day set by the UQU HR Department.

b. Domain accounts will be disabled after 90 days.

c. Mailboxes of faculty member will be deleted one year after they leave the UQU.

d. Retired faculty members who are Saudi nationals will continue to have access to the UQU email system.

3. Graduates:

All applications and services except email will be revoked on the graduation day set by the UQU Deanship of Admission and Registration.