Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU E-Portal Department

- 2018/02/19


The E-Portal Department is concerned with the development and management of the website and sub-sites of UQU, and all the e-services provided by the website and the E-Services Portal. It is also responsible for the development of smart phone applications and services in addition to content management in terms of editing and translation.

The Department comprises the following four sections:

E-Portal Services Development Section:

This section is concerned with the development and analysis of UQU website and all E-Portal services. The tasks and responsibilities of the section are as follows:

  • Analysis and development of the University's website and the services contained therein.
  • Analysis and development of electronic systems on the E-Services Portal.
  • Development of the (Single Sign On) service for all services on the various platforms.
  • Provision of SMS services to various other systems and to all UQU entities.
  • Preparation and development of the API-Platform, to connect all web services to the various platforms.
  • Preparation and management of all the various UQU website web servers and databases, the E-Services Portal and API-Platform services.
  • Follow-up and solution of technical problems on UQU website, E-Services Portal and API-Platform.

Smart Phone Applications Section:

This section is concerned with the development and analysis of smart phone applications on Android, iOS platforms, and all the e-services provided by such applications.

Content Management Section:

This section is concerned with editing, reviewing, correcting, following up and updating UQU website content in several main languages: Arabic, English, French and Spanish. The content includes general information of UQU departments, colleges, deanships, facilities and branches. Moreover, it covers all UQU news, events and activities throughout the year.

Coordination and Follow-Up Section:

This section is concerned with the coordination with all academic and administrative entities to provide necessary technical support and workshops for such entities’ employees and staff members regarding website management on UQU website and e-services usage explanations. In addition, it follows up the entities to enter useful content and fix content entry and formatting issues. The coordination team also acts as a link between the entities and affiliates thereof on the one hand, and the Deanship of Information Technology on the other. Moreover, it helps them meet their needs and solve their problems.