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The Office of HE the President of UQU is leaving no stone to become a model to follow when it comes to providing excellent and high quality administrative work in a manner which achieves the integrated services desired by everyone.
Vision: we are endeavoring to make university facilities safe environment and free of incidents and risks Mission: we are committed to protecting lives and properties in the university by following clear procedures and instructions based on scientific foundations to control and prevent risks. Ob
The Department endeavors to enforce law in university work environment by effecting general and specific regulations and providing highly professional legal consultancy in a manner, which preserves the rights of UQU and its staff on and off campus.
The Financial Control plays an important role; it conducts the necessary investigation before payment of any dues from UQU's budget either for staff or companies and organizations dealing with the university in providing services or implementing projects.
The Department endeavors to provide studies and projects of the university operational plans in line with State's development plan, besides setting up budget draft to meet physical requirements of the university, as well as following up implantation of the budget, and making transfers according to t
Currently, internal auditing is playing a significant role as an administrative tool to rationalize the administrative process in its modern concept. At the beginning, internal auditing was covering only financial records and entries, but later its scope of work has expanded to include administrati
Public Relations and Media Department is deemed to be an instrumental pillar at UQU that facilitates good relations amongst all departments. It is tasked with projecting a positive image of the university community and boosting relations with the different public and private sectors.
The Department tasks are related to overseeing and following up flow of work in other departments of the University, monitoring administrative processes and procedures, following up implementation of administrative rules, regulations and directives, preparing reports and recommendations at work, ove
It has taken several names during the last period, all of which are intended to set a mechanism to serve UQU faculty member and staff.
The Financial Department is one of the crucial and executive departments of the Umm Al-Qura University (UQU). It is directly reporting to the General Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs.
The Department of Procurements and Tenders is one of the university sectors tasked with ensuring requirements of all university units to help them undertaking their educational, research and service tasks and responsibilities, in order to upgrade their performance quality to create proper educationa
The Department of Warehouses is one of the significant departments at Umm Al-Qura University, upon which all administrative and financial affairs are depending. It is tasked with keeping, storing and managing various items purchased by the university, whe
The UQU Printery was established in 1402 H. It comprises of a number of subdivisions, which provide premium services to its beneficiaries, relying on the latest printing technologies available. The printer also prides itself on its highly qualified workers, who have a wealth of experience in modern
The birth of the UQU Department of Scholarships marked the starting point for a new phase of educational development that contributed to build a world-class knowledge community. It has played a substantial role in honing academic skills, such that helped
The first issue of Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) Journal of Scientific Research was launched in 1409H following the establishment of the university. It tackled different branches of knowledge and science, such as Islamic and Arabic studies, social s, applied, and educational science.. etc.
The General Department of Planning and Projects is one of the most important departments as it’s reckoned the basic unit of building and developing university facilities including educational and services buildings, and social activities, and recreational areas.
We are dedicated to contribute to building a sustainable knowledge-based community.
The Security and Safety Department is dedicated to providing excellent, quality and speed security and safety services for the university and all its affiliates and visitors.
To keep pace with huge development witnessed in the University of Umm Al-Qura (UQU) and in line with its strategic plan, the Operation and Maintenance Department has been annexed to the General Department of Services and Facilities, thus turning it to become one of the largest departments of UQU
The Housing Department was established on 6th Safar, 1400 H, under supervision of the vice-president.
One of the subdivisions of Vice-Presidency of University Branches directly reports to His Excellency the Vice-President of University Branches. It undertakes its tasks within a legal framework on the legal pleadings before the judicial authorities after coordinating with the legal department in the
It is type of accounting that is concerned with the accounting information used in planning, implementation and monitoring. It is responsible for the financial affairs of the 4th section of the Vice-Presidency for Branches.