Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship at Female Student Division

- 2018/02/25


The Vice Deanship at Female Student Division takes part in developing training plans and programs, as well as the administrative follow-up to all the Vice Deanship activities. Also, it contributes to the preparation of the e-services and applications development programs through suggesting services and requirements aiming to achieve the outputs of the deanship and university’s strategic plan. To achieve the desired goals, the Vice Deanship ensures that all the deanships, institutes, colleges, departments, and female students in particular, and all the university’s female affiliates in general provide the required services. Additionally, this Vice Deanship is concerned with taking part in the programs and plans of developing all the systems, devices and safety policies through the teams of its various departments.  This Vice Deanship consists of a group of departments, as illustrated in figure 6, they are:

The Vice Deanship Secretariat

  • Administrative Affairs & Training Department
  • Technical Affairs Department
  • E-Transactions Department


The Vice Deanship’s Objectives


The Vice Deanship strives to achieve a set of objectives. Following are the most important objectives:

  • Taking part in organizing the administrative work, and developing human capacities of the deanship in general, and the female students in particular, through integrated and sophisticated concepts as well as locally and internationally-accredited training.
  • Participating in the provision of a work environment suitable to all the Vice Deanship’s affiliates.
  • Taking part in developing plans and policies to improve the performance of those working in the infrastructure field in line with national and international standards.
  • Taking part in putting together plans and policies to measure the performance for the purpose of developing the work methods in all the Vice Deanship’s departments.

The Vice Deanship Secretariat

The secretary facilitates and manages the tasks of the Vice Deanship Secretariat, and works under the direct supervision of the female vice dean. She receives auditors, from the faculty members, employees, female students and representatives of companies as well as government and private entities. Many of the administrative tasks are assigned to the secretary, they are as follows: 

  • Receiving transactions and letters sent to the vice dean and explaining them according to the instructions.
  • Preparing letters, circulars, administrative decisions and announcements according to the vice dean’s directives and instructions.
  • Organizing and archiving files, transactions and correspondence of the office to ensure its current and future use.
  • Organizing the vice dean’s meetings, coordinating among members, issuing invitations and following up the preparation of the minutes of meetings.
  • Providing notes, suggestions and scenarios for the development of work methods in the Vice Deanship in general and the Vice Deanship Secretariat in particular.
  • Participating in temporary and permanent committees in the Vice Deanship, as required.