Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Organizational Structure

- 2018/02/21



The Organizational Structure of Information Technology Deanship was set up to ensure achieving its strategic plan objectives. This structure consists of a group of administrative, technical and financial departments that are directly linked to the dean, and work under his direct supervision.

They are 4 departments that work in a coherent, harmonious and integrated manner. This structure includes the following departments:

  • Deanship Office
  • Advisory Committee
  • Deanship Board
  •  Vice Presidencies

Deanship Office:

The secretary facilitates and manages the tasks of the Deanship Office, and works under the direct supervision of the dean. The dean's office manager receives auditors, from the faculty members, employees, students and representatives of companies as well as government and private entities. The office is entrusted with several technical and administrative tasks according to the nature of the deanship's work.  These tasks are as follows:

Many of the administrative tasks are assigned to the secretary, they are as follows: 

  • Receiving transactions and letters sent to the dean and explaining them according to the instructions and regulations.
  • Preparing letters, circulars, administrative decisions and announcements according to the dean’s directives and instructions.
  • Organizing and archiving files, transactions and correspondence of the office to ensure its current and future use as well as to maintain the deanship's memory.
  • Organizing the dean’s meetings, coordinating among members, issuing invitations and following up the preparation of the minutes of meetings and work sessions.
  • Providing notes, suggestions and scenarios for the development of work methods in the Deanship in general and the Deanship Office in particular.
  • Participating in temporary and permanent committees in the Deanship, as required.


Advisory Committee:

The Advisory Committee is composed of a group of advisors working under the dean's direct supervision. They prepare research, studies and consultations, in addition to lending support to the administrative, technical activities and work relating to the deanship's structures. Moreover, it is concerned with the preparation of proposals and recommendations on issues relevant to the deanship's activities, according to the future vision and are in harmony with the strategic and operational plans of the deanship and university.

Deanship Board:

The Deanship Board is composed of its leadership; specifically its dean, all vice deans and whoever is seen, by the deanship, eligible to attend its sessions. The Board is concerned with taking decisions or approvals necessary for all the issues brought to its attention and related to the deanship's activities and work. Also, the Board takes part in putting together proposals, initiatives and recommendations to make the work of all departments more useful, and this is according to the future vision as well as the strategic and operational plans of the deanship and university.

Vice Presidencies:

In the pursuit of implementing the strategic plan outputs of the deanship and university, the Organizational Structure was set up in a way that integrates the latter with the rest of the administrative and academic departments of the University. To reflect the objectives of the annual operational plans, the Deanship was divided into five Vice Presidencies that are required by the nature of the Deanship's work and the requirements of the technical, administrative or financial tasks. This structure includes the following:

  • The Vice Presidency for E-Transactions
  • The Vice Presidency for Technical Affairs
  • The Vice Presidency for Projects and Development
  • The Vice Presidency
  • The Vice Presidency for Female Students