Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Domain Name Policy

- 2019/04/09

Domain Name Policy:


To Define policy and procedures governing request and assignment of domain names.


It applies to all colleges and departments that apply for domain and sub-domain name registration.

Strategic Objective

Establishing and developing an integrated technical infrastructure to meet the requirements of the local and international commissions.

Detailed Objective

To ensure that all university information and Internet services operate under the domain name and not under other domain names.


  1. UQU recognizes as its official domain name.
  2. The university owns the domain name and governs its use for the benefit of its academic, research, communication, and other activities and interests. The university has the right to protect the use of its domain name under all circumstances and conditions.
  3. The Deanship of Information Technology manages the main and other sub domain names and other resources related to the members of the university community and its departments.
  4. Conditions of the valid sub domain names:
  • The use of the required subdomain must not conflict with any of the university's policies or practices.
  • The required subdomain should not be ambiguous if used without the definition of the unit.
  • The use of the required subdomain must not conflict with any of the university's interests according to the definition of the Deanship of Information Technology.
  • All the required subdomains must be approved by the Deanship of Information Technology
  1. The university reserves the right to revoke any previously assigned subdomain name at any time if it conflicts with this policy or other UQU policies, priorities, or interests.