Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship of Al-Leith University College for Academic Affairs

- 2021/10/11


It aims at providing an advanced level of the educational services supporting students, and a teaching and learning environment characterized with quality and integrity.


It seeks distinction regarding student’s educational affairs care through providing smooth, organized service. And it aims at achieving quality and academic accreditation for the College’s programs. 

 Tasks of the Vice Deanship:

  • Supervising the preparing of the timetables for the departments
  • Supervising the beginning of the semester in coordination with the departments; following up the flow of lectures and tests and the delivering of course results and closing the semester in cooperation with all departments    
  • Crafting the admission and transfer policies in coordination with departments
  • Contributing to solving the problem s related to student’s educational course
  • Making a point of implementing the university study and exam regulation
  • Supervising the Implementing of the course equation processes, apologizing for or postponing study  and re-enrolling in coordination with the relevant departments  and the Admission and Enrolment Deanship
  • Spreading the culture of quality, and working on applying it in coordination with the College’s departments
  • Supervising the implementing of the quality and development work, and following up on it for fulfilling the academic accreditation
  • Supervising and following up on the students' events and activities held by the college and the different departments.
  • Supporting the academic staff members and collaborating with them to achieve the objectives of university education and to improve the students' academic level, and solving all the problems facing the academic staff members and students.
  • Supervising and following up on the Evening Qualifying Year Programs, and qualifying the students to pass the programs easily and proficiently.
  • Carrying out all the tasks assigned by the deanship of the college or other concerned entities in order to achieve the desired objectives and aspirations.


Vice Dean of Al-Leith University College for Academic Affairs

Dr. Abdul-Majeed bin Abdul-Wahed Al-Sharqi