Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2019/02/05

Education is still the most important factor that contributes to the advancement of nations and the flourishing of their civilizations. It is also the foundation that promotes the prosperity of the individual. Thus, due to education, societies progress while crowned with growth and shrouded with glory and sovereignty. Consequently, education received great attention in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially after the announcement of the Kingdom's vision of 2030, which regarded young persons as its most important components as they are the potential energy and power that upgrade the country and achieve its aspirations of excellence.

University education is still the light that illuminates the intellect, raising its level in the process of scientific achievement and enhancing cognitive skills to produce righteous generations of graduates that serve their religion and country, and are shining examples for Umm Al-Qura University. Al-Leith University College was established to be a teaching edifice for students in Al-Leith and its neighboring districts, and to achieve the scientific and developmental goals of the university.

The base of Al-Leith University College was the Female Middle College, which was inaugurated in 1417 A.H. under the supervision of the Presidency of Female Education. It then developed and became the College of Education for Female Teachers in 1422/ 1423 A.H. In 1431/ 1432 A.H., the male section was established and the college joined Umm Al-Qura University under the name, 'Al-Leith University College'. Since its foundation, it has kept growing and producing. It keeps working hard in serving knowledge and its seekers in several specializations. It is still working to cover all fields of knowledge to prepare an environment that encourages innovation and development.

Al-Leith University College includes the following departments:

  1. Department of Arabic Language (Male and Female Students)
  2. Physics Department (Male and Female Students)
  3. Mathematics Department (Male and Female Students)
  4. English Language Department (Male and Female Students)
  5. Social Service Department (Male and Female Students)
  6. Mass Communication Department (Male Students)
  7. Islamic Studies Department (Female Students)
  8. Chemistry Department (Female Students)
  9. Department of Family Education (Female Students)
  10. Psychology and Education Department (Female Students)