Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Academic Council Secretariat

- 2019/10/16

Unit/Council Description:

The Council Secretariat shall fully supervise the decisions, minutes, reports, letters and circulars related to the College Council.

Unit/Council Objectives:

  1. Reviewing the regulations and policies of promotion to the levels of Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, and Assistant Professor. Contracting with Saudis and attracting academic staff members on local, regional and global levels, in all academic departments.
  2. Working to achieve a ratio of 1 academic member to 20 students in the courses.

Unit/Council Duties:

  1. Reviewing the memos of the departments and the minutes of the meetings conducted by the units, and identifying the topics that need to be presented to the College Council.
  2. Setting the agenda of the College Council meetings.
  3. Preparing the minutes of the meetings held by the College Council, and following up their approval process.
  4. Approving the decisions taken by the College Council before having them signed by the dean.
  5. Following up the implementation of the decisions of the College Council.
  6. Scheduling the meetings in coordination with the Chairman of the Council.