Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Departments

The Department of Islamic Studies was established to create a favorable environment for an educational process that develops the Islamic traits of the female students.

Arabic Department started with the inauguration of the Middle College in Al-Lith governorate. Administratively, it was affiliated to Female Learning Administration in Al-Lith governorate. The Department was entitled Arabic and Social Sciences Department with two academic years. The female graduate i

The Department of Mathematics is one of the major departments at Al-Leith University College. The department was established in conjunction with the establishment of the College in 1422/1423 A.H. It offers Bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, along with educational qualification.

The Department was established in the academic year 1431/1432H in order to fulfill the needs of the society for English specialists in order to meet Kingdom schools needs.

The Department of Chemistry is one of the major departments at AL-Leith University College. The Department was established in conjunction with the establishment of the College in 1422/1423 H. Till the academic year 1433/1434H, the department used to offer BS degrees in chemistry, along with educatio

Physics Department is one of the main Departments in the university college at Al-Lith as it was established when the College came to life during the academic year 1422/1423H. The Department offers bachelor's degrees in physics with Educational Preparation. The Department was previously restricted

The Social Working Department works on qualifying a social worker with highly professional, ethical and skilful potentialities that help them bring about social change and cope with it in every way.

In 1430/1431H, family education program was first applied in University College at Al-Lith. The Department is concerned with instructing one of life sciences. It is an applied science involving many sciences focusing on serving the individual

The University College at Al-Lith strongly believes in the importance of media in our present time, thus, Media Department was established at the beginning of the academic year 1433H in order to serve and address the needs of the society through graduation of high profile media professionals with i

It 's one of the main Departments at Al Leith University College and was established as part of the college on the latter inception day in 1422/1423H as one of the support departments to all the academic departments of the college to grant its students the bachelor degree and the educational trainin