Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Dean of Al-Leith University College (Female Section)

- 2021/08/04

College Vice Dean


The Department is committed to development and improving administrative performance, besides forging close relations between different units of the university and the community.


  • Forging positive relations which contribute to communication inside and outside the university.
  • Increasing work efficiency by honing skills of the college affiliates.
  • Adopting modern methods in the administrative work including; technology, quality and strategic planning.   


  • Upgrading teamwork spirit, social and job interaction. 
  • Upgrading female employees efficiency through training and actual practice of tasks. 
  • Forging positive relations and communication with all sectors inside and outside the university by exchanging expertise and information, and providing administrative and scientific expertise for all sectors and individuals.
  • Setting programs which include different planning stages: Planning towards development, implementation, documentation, follow-up, measurement and assessment to boost  work efficiency. 
  • Working to obtain international quality certificates by keep using quality tools and techniques in the administrative work.
  • Conducting studies and reports to support decision making.

Tasks of the College Vice-Deanship: 

  1. To identify the college departments' needs for technical and administrative cadres;
  2. To identify the college departments' needs for specialized laboratories; 
  3. To identify the college departments' needs for educational instruments; 
  4. To coordinate and facilitate administrative works in the college subdivisions. 
  5. To oversee financial affairs and specialized provisions of the Vice-Deanship and its programs according to rules and regulations. 
  6. To recommend exceptional leaves for female faculty members in line with the rules and regulations.
  7. To approve cutting of vacations of the female faculty members and forward these approvals to the relevant bodies. 
  8. To approve requests of the governmental bodies to hire  female faculty members for giving lectures and participate in the conferences and seminar in such a manner which doesn't affect their performance in the university.
  9. To approve emergency and regular leaves of the female faculty members.
  10. To hear the female students complaints and discipline them in coordination with the departments heads and academic affairs unit.
  11. Regularly report to the college dean on the workflow at the vice-deanship's subdivisions, as well as the challenges they face, and the ways to overcome them.
  12. To manage college's administrative affairs and undertakes the dean's tasks and responsibilities when assigned to do so. 
  13. To follow up college's administrative affairs. 
  14. To nominate supervisors for its subdivisions, and make the necessary recommendations for choosing and recruiting them;
  15. To Liaise with the UQU relevant bodies on matters related to the vice-deanships competencies and scope of work;
  16. To issue internal decisions required by workflow in the college vice-deanship and its subdivisions according to rules and regulations. 
  17. To assess performance of the college affiliates.
  18. To approve regular and emergency vacations for the  affiliates of the college subdivisions.
  19. To approve budget and college provisions  disbursement according to organizing regulations.  

Vice Dean of Al-Leith University College (Female Section)

Prof. Eman bint Aqeel Al-Lihaibi