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Department of Social Service (Female Section) Organizes an Initiative Entitled: 'What Do You Know About Social Organizations in Al-Leith?'

Added on - 2019/02/03  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/02/03

The Social Service Department in Al-Leith (Female Section) held an initiative entitled, 'What do you know about social organizations in Al-Leith?', on Tuesday, 5 Rabi` Al-Awwal, 1440 A.H.

This initiative aimed at achieving the following:

First: Writing a comprehensive list of social institutions in Al-Leith and its neighboring districts (Adham, Ghamiqah, Al-Wasaqah, Bani Yazid, etc.) in which female students at the Department of Social Service live.

Second: Charging female students to conduct research to discover the work, branches, goals and social services offered by these organizations.

Third: Demanding an explanation from the female students who organized this initiative of the role of the social workers in these institutions, in the field of social care.

Fourth: Shedding light on these social institutions, and thanking them for the services they offered in spite of paucity of resources and capacities.

The activity also included a PowerPoint presentation, as well as a corner for publications and brochures that describe this activity.

The activity was held under the supervision of the Deputy Head of the Department, Dr. Rasha Majlad.