Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Education and Psychology Department Organizes a Course Entitled, 'Skills of Managing Human Relations'

The Education and Psychology Department at Al-Leith University College organized a course entitled, 'Skills of Managing Human Relations', which was prepared and presented by Dr. Fawziyyah bint Abdul-Rahman Bana`mah on Tuesday, 26 Rabi` Al-Awwal, 1440 A.H. This course, which targeted all female administrators at the College, lasted for three hours.

The course aimed at enabling and developing the abilities and skills of trainees in Human Relations Administration to help them meet the needs of their administrative work, increase their productivity, and achieve the principle of cooperation among trainees. The course developed a general psychological atmosphere that lifted the trainee's spirits in a way that would achieve progress and development in the administrative work and accomplish the goals of the educational institution as a whole. The course also included several important points, such as causes and motives for caring for human relations, the importance of human relations in the field of administrative work, principles and bases of human relations, skills of managing human relations, examples of worldly successful administrators who had successful human relations, common mistakes and practices that hinder human relationships, and successful techniques that foster good human relations.

The course included practical applications and activities that were adequate for achieving its goals. The course was concluded with certain recommendations offered by the attendants, such as:

  • Holding the course again for other female employees who did not have the time to attend this one.
  • Extending the course time to be two days.
  • Increasing the number of training courses that are concerned with administrative work, because of their importance in developing the College as a whole.