Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Department of Education and Psychology at the College of Education Organizes a Course Entitled ‘Memory and Memorization’

On Monday 11 Rajab 1440 A.H., the Department of Education and Psychology presented a training course entitled "Memory and Memorization." The course aimed to:

  1. Prepare female students for their final exams by acquainting them with good memorization skills and how to make optimal use of these skills.
  2. Provide female students with knowledge about memory and its different processes.
  3. Acquaint female students with the types of information that the mind can deal with, how to deal with them, and the phases of information processing, including attention, concentration, processing, storage, and retrieval.
  4. Inform female students of different ways to memorize and retrieve information, such as numbering, different forms of recitation, and retention.

The course was supervised by the Head of the Department, Dr. Eman Al-Harthi, and was presented by Dr. Samah Ahmad Arafah.