Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

A Training Course Entitled: 'Drawing a Portrait'

The Department of Family Education (female section) presented a training course entitled, 'Drawing a Portrait', on Sunday, 19 Safar, 1440 A.H. The course included the following:

First: An introduction to the art of portrait drawing (the art of drawing faces), its history, and providing female participants with information about the first portrait that appeared on Saudi currency.

Second: Practical explanation of how to draw portraits, and the ratios needed to make it successful, outlining the factors that affect the drawing of portraits, showing works of previous trainees, as well as providing practical training to students.

This course was held under the supervision of the Head of the Department, Prof. Amal Uwais.

  • The activities supervisor at the department, Dr. Huda Al-Shahali
  • The course lecturer, Ms. Hajar Al-Qahtani