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The Social Service Department in Al-Leith (Female Section) Holds an Event: 'Successful Tripartite Planning for Your Future'

Added on - 2019/02/03  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/02/03

The Social Service Department (Female Section) held an event to direct female students, in general, about the importance of successful planning during their university studies and beyond. The event was organized under the title "Successful Tripartite Planning for your Future", and held on Sunday, 10 Rabi` Al-Awwal,1440 A.H.

The activity was carried out by the female students of the Social Service Department with the aim of helping students at all levels to successfully plan their study and life after graduation, introducing the necessary human and material resources needed to support them. The event included three corners: The first was concerned with introducing to the newcomers all that they wanted to know about the university and the Social Service Department. The academic plan of the department and the prerequisite courses were identified to them, as well as how to commit themselves to the plan and be excellent students, from the very first year. They were taught how to calculate the GPA rate and the points of any course, and how to use the e-mail, which was activated practically with them. The corner also contained leaflets concerning the (steps to activate an e-mail, steps to calculate the GPA rate, examples of positive phrases). The corner also included two interactive panels; the first dealt with writing previous experiences and taking advantage of the experiences of former students, while the second contained information about (how to develop myself during the study).

The second corner was devoted to the third and fifth level students. It contained the skills through which the student can develop herself, and which she can acquire during her university study. The students were guided on how to divide their time for study, and the most important problems students suffer from at these levels, as well as how to solve or overcome them, were covered.

The third corner was concerned with directing the students who are about to graduate about what they should do. They were introduced to the fields they may wish to join after graduation, including the educational, medical or social fields, and opportunities to complete postgraduate studies as well as perform voluntary work. The steps necessary for each procedure were clarified for them. They were taught how to write a CV and what it should include, and how to look for a job in the future. They were informed about the governmental and private sites that offer e-courses and provide employment at the end of the course, such as Tamheer and Doroob, and were also taught how to learn without supervision. Moreover, the corner contained pamphlets on (the most important applications for English language teaching, a CV model, and medical classification. The corner also contained an interactive panel named "Link" with which the department's professors interacted and where they wrote their accounts e-mail addresses for the graduates to contact them after graduation.

The activity was held under the supervision of the deputy head of the department, Dr. Rasha Majlad, and the two professors of the course, Ms. Fatimah Al-Zahrani and Ms. Nawal Al-Qarhi.