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(Beware!) Campaign by Al-Lith University, Health Sciences Colleges  

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Added on - 2018/04/15  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/04/15

The College of Health Sciences and the University College in Al-Lith have collaborated to organize the anti-scabies campaign entitled, “Beware!” The campaign has targeted the students of the University College in Al-Lith.

The campaign is determined to be held at the University College’s headquarters on Monday, 23rd Rajab 1439H at the Covered Sports Hall, on Tuesday, 24th Rajab 1439H at Buildings (B) and (C), and on Wednesday, 29th Rajab 1439H at the Arabic Language Building. 

It is worth mentioning that the campaign is accompanied by an exhibition to educate students about the methods of modern education, and spread health awareness of scabies and its prevention methods.

In this context, a detailed explanation of medication and correct sterilization methods has been given. Moreover, faculty members have educated students about prevention, the method to deal with suspected cases and the development of health reality.

The College of Health Sciences has not stopped there. It has followed up the health problems facing the people in the region and the preventive procedures thereof. In addition, it has clarified the functions of the competent authorities in this respect.