Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

(How to Be Successful Social Worker?) by Social Service Dep.

The Department of Social Service (Girls Section) presented a session entitled, “How to Be Successful Social Worker?” on Monday, 3rd Jumada II 1439H and activated by Prof. Leila Al-Abboud. The session aimed to highlight the main aspects that should be focused on by a social worker in her career to become more successful and innovative. It also sought to increase the awareness of students with the more distinguished social worker by concentrating on four significant aspects: skills, values, psychological characteristics, as well as theoretical and scientific preparation.

In this context, the session was supported with a group of Arabic and foreign videos. Such videos demonstrated the role of a social worker and work sheets and the right method of studying a case, and provided some examples and solutions. They also introduced a new method to promote the social worker’s theoretical preparation via self-development books. It was explained that the application of such method included meeting with customers and giving examples of such books.   

It is worth mentioning that the event was supervised by Dr. Rasha Mujallad, Assistant Department Head, and Prof. Leila Al-Abboud, Session Leader.