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Course Scheduling and Adding

- 2016/06/09

First of all, a student may know their education level to which they belong through the Regular Attendance Form via the electronic  portal of each student.

Amending the schedule:

The Vice Deanship of Registration Affairs registers students preliminarily before the beginning of the academic year, as it assumes that all students have passed their study courses successfully. If proven otherwise, at the conclusion of the academic year the system automatically deletes the registered curricula, the requirements of which were not fulfilled.

Hence the need for the registration amendment week, to enable students to re-design their preliminary schedule to be in accordance with their study plan and the number of hours they are allowed to register, subject to the approval of the department the student belongs to and the department providing the curriculum.

This week is managed by departments, coordinators and students according to the following mechanism:

  • Through the electronic services provided for students via the electronic portal, they can amend their schedules, e.g. adding a subject, replacing it with another subject or changing a major.
  • In case a student cannot amend their schedule through their electronic portal, they go to their academic advisor first to clarify what they want. After studying the case and the advisor’s acceptance, they approve what the student wants via the forms of deletion/addition and changing majors that the Admission and Registration Deanship provides.
  • Students go to their department with their amendment request. The department may execute same through the addition/deletion screen and change the major according to what is available for the department. In case the department is unable to execute the operation, the student’s paper is referred to the faculty’s coordinator to review their status and the possibility of executing their request.
  • The student is entitled to replace any curriculum with another as long as the credit hours after amendment are neither more nor less than the hours registered in the preliminary registration, which is in line with their GPA. Also, they have to pass the requirements of this curriculum.
  • If the subject required to be added belongs to the student’s department, the student is to refer to their department to handle the issue. There is no need to address the faculty coordinator or the Admission and Registration Deanship, as the head of departments have the authority to handle any problem.
  • If the subject required to be added is mandated by the faculty or by the university, the student is to obtain the approval of the department offering the subject first, then go to the coordinator of the faculty offering the subject to register the subject.
  • If the subject required to be added is an extracurricular one, the student needs to obtain the approval of their department first, then obtain the approval of the department offering the subject, then submit the form to the faculty coordinator.
  • Students must commit to registering for subjects at low levels first and subjects from outside the faculty and not mess with their study plan.

Students need to refer to their departments, represented by the head of the department the student belongs to, to request approval of their application, in the following special cases:

  • Introducing a subject or a major
  • Requesting to exceed the designated subject after obtaining the approval of the subject professor
  • Exceeding the required subject matter, in special cases that the head of department and student academic advisor decide
  • Exceeding the load by more than 3 hours, subject to the approval of the department if the student was a graduate.

Students need to refer to the faculty coordinator in the following special cases:

  • Registering from outside the campus the student studies at; for instance if a student from Jamoum University College want to study a subject at Al-Leith or other campuses (The authority of the faculty coordinator does not supersede that’s of the department offering the subject).
  • Adding curricula from outside the faculty the student is enrolled in
  • The faculty coordinator takes these cases together and coordinates with the Acceptance and Registration Deanship to execute them on a daily basis after ensuring that the student has obtained the necessary approvals to study the subject as per the Adding Subjects Form that can be found on UQU website, a copy enclosed herewith.

Approved Schedule:                                                                                  

To guarantee student rights, the preliminary schedule of the student is not approved. Only the printed schedule after the first week is approved.

Adding a subject:

A student may add any subject to their schedule as per the following conditions:

  • That the student has passed the subject requirement successfully
  • That the class a student wants to add is still available and has not already accepted the maximum number of students
  • That the maximum registered hours in the student’s schedule after addition is less than or equal to the maximum hours allowed for a student to register.

Taking into consideration that all addition operations are available at the departments and that the Admission and Registration Deanship does not have the authority to add any class. Its role in this regard ends with the preliminary registration.

Hence, the only entity assigned to serve students is the academic department they belong to. Students are to take into account the situation of the department as regards available capabilities, available faculty staff members or classes, for no department at any university is capable of fulfilling the wishes of all students, especially when it comes to the difference in their study levels.