Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Student’s Rights and Responsibilities

- 2016/06/09

Student’s Rights at the University:

Student has rights at the University and its facilities detailed as follows:

  • Of the student’s main rights are to protect their dignity, treat them well and respectably and fairly
  • Student is provided by an appropriate study environment in order for the student to achieve the educational objectives and have them gain the knowledge and science which feed their souls and mind and protect them against corrupt elements
  • Student has the right to choose the specialty suiting their desires, capacities and qualifications according to ratings, conditions and places available at the University
  • Study must be based upon an accredited study plan outlining the hours, levels and description of the courses, as well as the requirements necessary for graduation 
  • Student has the right to postpone study for having a legal excuse accepted by the college council according to regulations and mechanisms; and postponing does not exceed two straight semesters or three non-straight semesters    
  • Student has the right to be notified with their failing in the semester results notice or through their department or via the academic portal
  • Student has the right to delete and add and withdraw from a course according to the regulations and procedures which the Admission and Enrolment Deanship issues and the department where they belong
  • Student has the right submit an apology from a semester for a legally-accepted excuse to the head of the department within the maximum of the end of the semester  tenth week
  • Academic staff members teaching the student adhere to the study plan record when the study starts. This record includes the course objectives, topics and the skills to be earned
  • The academic staff member is obliged to attend the lectures and do tests as scheduled, and to go through the course theoretically and practically, and not to arrive lectures late or go beyond its set time or encroach upon break time; and to notify about any emergencies such as changing lecture time or canceling it.
  • Academic staff member is obligated to  determine  and announce about the office hours dates and the location of their office; and they are also obliged to spend these hours meeting them and answering their inquiries 
  • Student has the right to benefit from the medical centre facilities and services  according to regulations

Student’s responsibilities within the University:

  • Student should respect the university’s rules and regulations, and avoid committing any irregularity; otherwise they are to be exposed to the legal penalties that could have them dismissed altogether.
  • Student should honorably represent their university at the conferences, seminars and internal and external  participations
  • Student should take out a university card within at least a month from joining the University; and the card should be on them during their being at the University. They show it to whoever asks for it especially the security staff. 
  • Student should respect all the various University’s  staff and its visitors; and treat them politely 
  • Student should show respect towards the academic staff members and hold them in high esteem and pardon them   when they enter or leave the classroom or laboratory among others
  • Student should protect the University’s facilities, laboratories and equipment, and not damage them and not scribble on its walls and doors and benches
  • Student should show seriousness and diligence in terms of academic achievement; and they should hold to their study plan and attend lectures
  • Student should maintain the cleanliness of the classrooms, laboratories and libraries
  •  Student should avoid cheating and counterfeiting, and stay clear of them; and they should adhere to the rules regulating exams