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Dropping Out

- 2016/06/07

Dropping Out From a Course

Why do you want to drop out from a course? If you have a problem other than your understanding of the elements of the course, please visit the head of department or faculty dean. You can also write down the problem you are facing in studying the course and go to the university Vice President of Educational Affairs.

Dropping out is not the only solution to overcome a problem, on the contrary, it is the last resort the system offers you, according to the following guidelines:

  • The department approves the request and sends the student to the faculty coordinator, to whom the reasons of dropping out are to be explained.
  • Students are to attend all classes until their drop out from a certain course is confirmed, as being absent from lectures is no excuse to drop out from a study course.
  • In case the drop out is not executed, the student gets grade U in their academic record. This grade is not included in their GPA.

Drop out time:

The time designated for drop out requests is week 12, according to the university calendar.

  • Students committed to a plan are not allowed to drop out from any study courses.
  • That the study course the student wishes to drop out from is not equal to the student’s level or is less
  • In case of a compelling excuse that necessitates dropping out, the student is to go to the department giving the course and explain to them the situation. If the department accepts the excuse, the student should ……..