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Information Technology Deanship Launches E-reservation and Scheduling Services for all UQU Bodies

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Added on - 2018/09/02  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/09/02

The Deanship of Information Technology has launched an electronic service for reservations and scheduling within a package of e-services the Deanship seeks to continuously develop in light of the University’s plan to keep up with the 2030 KSA Vision towards e-governance. The service is also deemed part of the technological development of the administrative and academic work in UQU.

The scope of the service includes all bodies of the University. This enables each body to provide the services it has, such as the dates of reserving halls and labs, in addition to other specialties related to each body within the University.

Staff members of the University, such as faculty members, employees and students can benefit from this service. It also includes visitors who are external auditors.


 To learn more information on the details of the service: Click here

To benefit from the scheduling and dates services: Enter “Mawqe’i” (My location) service under the list of supporting systems.