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Information Technology Deanship Launches New Service to Facilitate (Dereliction and Absence) Procedures in (Hadir) System

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- 2017/12/27

The Deanship of Information Technology has launched the “Dereliction and Absence” page in order to facilitate the procedures of dereliction in the system of “Hadir”. This is part of an integrated package of electronic services agreed upon between the Deanship of Information Technology and the administration of Faculty members and personnel affairs.

Through the page, the Deanship of Information Technology aims to facilitate the procedures to deal with the cases of dereliction and absence of official employees in the system of “Hadir”. This is expected to happen through linking “Hadir” system with the system of personnel affairs, payroll, and e-leaves.

The page is characterized by the following:

1. The ability to search and filter based on the date, the type of dereliction or absence, the status (paid or pending), the decision number (leaves or deduction decision in cases where a portion was deducted from the salary). 

2. The data on the page are collected, summarized and presented in the form of useful information. The total number of absences or derelictions are collected and classified separately. As for the cases of derelictions (partial absence from work, rather than a whole-day absence), they are collected and presented as one working day for each seven hours, making it easier for the employee to determine the number of days to be deducted from his leaves to pay the outstanding derelictions on him.

3. The page is connected to the personnel affairs system, as the decisions of leaves, or salary deductions, as well as the direct impacts of these decisions, show on the page.

4. The system of data tables, electronic functions and procedures on which the page was built will facilitate a range of services and procedures related to the issue of absence and dereliction to be launched later. The procedures could include a mechanism to reduce absence and dereliction through the service of e-leaves and the direct impact of such a service in the Oracle system for personnel affairs, as settling absence and dereliction would be done automatically for the deduction approval.

An e-service will also be launched for the Oracle payroll system, as the cases of absence and dereliction for which an employee is late in terms of payment are dealt with. Decisions to deduct from the salary are made automatically based on the policy and controls to be approved by the Administration of Faculty Members and Employees. 


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