Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

IT Deanship Receives Delegation from University of Bisha

The Deanship of Information Technology (IT) received a formal delegation from the University of Bisha on Thursday, Safar 27, 1439H, to learn about the deanship's accomplishments, and the implemented solutions in the admission and registration system, especially with regard to fixing the privacy of medical colleges in putting the academic calendar.

The University of Bisha's delegation included Prof. Abdul Maksoud Abdul Qader Soliman, the Vice Dean of Admission and Registration for Technical Affairs; Dr. Mofreh Hamed Al-Harethy, The Vice Dean of the College of Medicine for Educational Affairs; Dr. Bahaa Alden Khaled Amen Al-Haj, the Registrar of the College of Medicine; and Eng. Mousa Abu Hussain, the Technical Support Officer. On the other hand, Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) Deanship of Information Technology was represented by Dr. Majid bin Muhammad Al-Qathami, the Dean of the Deanship; Dr. Atef Al-Hejaili, the Vice Dean of IT for e-Transactions; and Eng. Ashraf Asfour, the Applications Manager.

The Dean of the Deanship of Information Technology opened the meeting by welcoming the guests and presenting the deanship's accomplishments in the student information system. This was followed by a visual and practical presentation by the Vice Dean of IT for e-Transactions about the implemented solutions for fixing the problems of registration in the medical colleges. The meeting included an open discussion around the implemented solutions in the UQU and to what extent they accommodate the systems of the University of Bisha.

It is worth mentioning that the registration system of medical colleges is an amendment implemented by the Deanship of Information Technology on the UQU's student information system. The system was presented by the Deanships of Admission and Registration, and information Technology as one of the outstanding experiments in the meeting of the Saudi universities' Deans in Riyadh at the middle of last year.