Umm Al-Qura University

Updated Infrastructure and E-systems Successfully Manages Operational Pressure for This Registration Season

The Deanship of Information Technology announced the success of its updated infrastructure and e-systems in tackling the operational pressure of the registration season for the first semester of the academic year 1438/1439 H.

The academic portal opened academic schedules to change on Tuesday, 21/12/1438 H at 12 pm. The number of users at that time amounted to 24900 students, recording the highest percentage of portal visitors.

Statistics reveal over 16196 syllabi additions, 83423 cases of division changes, 92316 cases of syllabi removals within the first hours of opening the portal. The number of users who performed these processes amounts to 59171 students.

During the first four hours, 250 GB of data were exchanged as web servers processed over 4 mn requests and 65 k queries/ second.

It's worth noting that the Deanship of Information Technology has executed a number of development projects over the past months to update the infrastructure of UQU, including; database servers, app servers, and other basic technical preparations to have the capacity to contain the number of students using e-services; and avoid the technical issues faced in the past.

In this respect, the Dean of Information Technology, Dr. Majid bin Mohamed Al-Qathami extended his thanks to the UQU President, Dr. Bakri bin Matouq Assas, and the Vice-president for Academic Development, Dr. Hani bin Othman Ghazi, commending the continuous support they offered to the deanship, which led to the successful execution of a number of infrastructure development projects. He also noted that the development process will continue over the next months, followed by development of self-services and systems to serve both UQU staff and students.