Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University Launches Project of Upgrading Oracle Database Servers 

Important News
- 2017/06/07

University of Umm Al-Qura launched on Sunday Ramadan 9, 1438 H project of upgrading Oracle database servers in the university which was signed recently, in the presence of UQU President Dr. Bakri bin M'atooq bin Bakri Assas, members of UQU e-Transactions committee and a delegation representing Saudi Oracle company headed by the Director General of Saudi Oracle Mr. Thamir Al-Harbi. The meeting took place at the UQU President's office at the university campus in Abdyia.  


In the commencement of the meeting, the UQU Vice President for Academic Development and Community Service Dr. Hani bin Osman Ghazi welcomed UQU President, members of UQU e-Transactions Committee and the Director General of Saudi Oracle and his accompanying delegation. 


He was then followed by the Dean of Information Technology Dr. Majid Al-Qathami who provided an elaborate presentation about the recent projects in the Deanship of Information Technology and extended his thanks to UQU President for approving them. He also praised his lasting support to developing the university using the latest technologies to reach a smart university. He underscored that these projects will provide highly efficient, secure and developed infrastructure serving all university departments in its main campus in Makkah and its different branches. He went on to add that these projects included developing and upgrading Oracle main database servers in the university explaining the importance of the project and its expected benefits.  


After that, Director General of Saudi Oracle Mr. Thamir Al-Harbi delivered address in which he extended his thanks  to Umm Al-Qura University represented by UQU President and the Deanship of Information Technology for their confidence entrusted to Oracle and its products. He then briefed the audience on the benefits of the new servers stressing their keenness in the company to make the project a success and complete it within a short period to enable the university launching next students registration season using the new servers. "Our goal in Oracle is to increase level of relation and achieve strategic partnership with Umm AL-Qura University and to receive continuous support to help us upgrade level of e-services provided by the Deanship of Information Technology which is considered a noble objective for us ", he added.


Then, a presentation was made by Oracle about the different phases of the project starting from the initial studies of the previous situation and until achieving the planned situation after five years.


Also, Oracle delegation responded to all enquiries of  the UQU President and members of UQU e-Transactions committee. 


At the conclusion of the meeting, UQU President delivered speech on the importance of the information technology and the investment in this regard explaining the university vision and tis aspirations to upgrade e-services for the students and affiliates.