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-IT Deanship Adopts UQU Portal Significant Updates (May 2017)

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Added on - 2017/05/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/05/22

The Deanship of Information Technology is pleased to adopt significant updates on the university portal, as well as to make many reforms and solutions to the obstacles that may face users.

Such updates were adopted and activated on Monday, 26th Shaaban 1438H at 12:00 pm.


1. (UI) Improving color contrast for the user interface.

2. (UI) Improving compatibility of the portal on smart phone browsers.

3. (UI) Sporadic improvements to facilitate usage and to clarify the elements and content of the portal.

4. (Rasel System) providing an additional copy to the sender, in addition to a copy to the Director of the Authority, through Rasel Communication System.

5. (Rasel System) Allowing navigation between more than one Rasel System validity in case the user has more than one validity on more than one hand.

6. (GPS) Improving search for destinations.

7. (Tawasul System) Improving search for destinations.

8. (E-Forms) Optimizing export entries screen.

9. (E-Forms) Improving view of referenda results.

10. (Tawasul System) Improving view of Tawasul System destination data.

11. (E-Forms) Improving view of required user data for electronic forms.

12. (My Site - Menus) Facilitating the mechanism of linking menu items with other systems.

13. (My Site) Optimizing library items' addition screens, adding form fields and contact data, and adding agenda and appointments to events.

14. (My Site - News) Optimizing images in the news so that they can appear in their right size everywhere.

15. (My Site - Site Template) Enabling view of software interfaces contents.

16. (My Site) Providing access to the full file link in File Manager.

17. (My Site) Adding privacy to the job title in the user profile.

18. (Tawasul) Rendering phone book available for download.

19. (Events) Availability of an archive of events.

20. (E-Forms) Adding detailed statistics.

21. (Events) Adding the ability to enter multiple images and texts in the event description.

22. (E-Forms) Adding form data to the email alert for each entry.

23. Adding screen lock to users.

24. (Staff Members Menu) Adding the feature of sorting the data of staff members by grade in the websites of academic departments.

25. (E-Forms) Enabling deletion of unwanted entries.

26. (My Site) Adding the Help icon in some important systems.

27. (E-Forms) Adding a new field of "commitment or acceptance".

28. (E-Forms) Adding "Documents" to the "File Upload" field.

29. (System) Improving the translation of some system statements.

30. (My Site - News) Modifying the length of news headlines to 13 words for Arabic and 20 for other languages.

31. (Single Sign-on) Disabling email autocomplete on the SSO screen to increase security.

32. (My Site - News) Optimizing news images in terms of size, and compressing size to increase the speed of loading pages of the site.

33. (My Site – Multiple Languages) Language change has been shown according to the enabled languages ​​in My Site settings.

34. (Rasel System) Allowing uploading of images and files in "Rasel" and "Rasel Tollabi" communication systems to attach them in e-mails.

35. (Profile) Ability to modify profiles of third-party accounts such as Saudi universities.

36. (Password Recovery) Password recovery ability for third-party accounts such as Saudi universities.

37. (Password Recovery) Password recovery ability for e-mail accounts for all university entities linked to websites.


1. (Rasel Tollabi System) Problem with spaces in text message or e-mail.

2. (Rasel Tollabi System) Problem of "select all" in the student menu of subjects.

3. (Rasel Tollabi System) Problem of separating male and female students sections with the same number.

4. (Man Rasalani?) Repairing the problem of repeated signature in the message query view

5. (Rasel) Problems in displaying pages and news in case of request for and obtaining approval, and then request of its approval again.

6.) My Site-Settings) Resolving the problem of Google statistics for sub-sites.

7. (E-Forms) Solving problems with exporting entries in the order of data columns in the Excel files.

8. (System) Correcting the redirection properly after logging out of all applications associated with Single Sign-On.

9. (My Site - Study Plans) Repairing view of study plans of some colleges.

10. (My Site - Menus) Fixing the sub-menu display in the pages and the side menu of the program interfaces.​

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