Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Overview, Establishment, Mission, Objectives and Values

- 2019/09/29

Year of establishment: 1400/1401H


The Department of Warehouses is one of the significant departments in Umm Al-Qura University, upon which all administrative and financial affairs are depending. It is tasked with keeping, storing and managing various items purchased by the university, whether permanent (fixed assets) or consumable. It provides all sectors of the university with their requirements of furniture, equipment, stationery and office materials according to the adopted mechanism of items release.

The department acts as a main control point to hand over items from suppliers to beneficiaries. These items are kept at warehouses in different quantities as required and released upon request. The department controls the stock and meets release demands of different departments.  As in the governmental warehousing system.

It is responsible for implementing rules, regulations and procedures of governmental warehouses, overseeing work progress at warehouses, coordinating with other departments of the university to estimate their annual requirements of different items, besides arranging, keeping and maintaining items in an appropriate manner.


The Department of Warehouses was established after the separation of Makkah branch from King Abdul-Aziz University in 1400/1401H.


To provide all types of administrative and financial support and reach a high level of quality and excellence in providing services for all university’s affiliates.


  • To realize the satisfaction of Allah in the first place, and then the requesting bodies.
  • To reach a high level of quality and excellence in providing services for all university’s affiliates, so as to help it occupy a prestigious position amongst the regional and  international universities.   


  • To meet the requirements of all administrative and academic departments of the university.
  • To ensure that orders are delivered as fast as possible.
  • To upgrade the administrative work up to the highest level in accordance with aspirations of the university.
  • To cooperate with all departments of the university in a manner which serves the educational and administrative path.


  • Teamwork: Working with a team spirit.
  • Innovation: Developing a creative work environment.