Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Departments and Their Duties

- 2020/03/04

Administrative Units:

  • Secretariat and Archiving Unit.
  • Security and Safety Unit.
  • Computer, Development, Research and Information Unit.

Secretariat and Archiving Unit:

Receive and send the unit’s incoming and outgoing correspondence. Audit and inspect transactions, and take the necessary action to finish them.

Security and Safety Unit:

  • Supervise, follow up, control, coordinate, evaluate and compensate for any deficiency caused by the personnel at the warehouse.
  • Make sure an assessment and analysis of risks have been carried out for all workplaces.
  • Implement the emergency plan when needed, along with training the personnel on the plan implementation.
  • Carry out a periodical inspection on emergency exits and fire extinguishers.
  • Be fully aware of and adhere to safety laws and regulations.
  • Follow up control systems continuously.
  • Verify the security and safety of transport and training inside each warehouse, in addition to general cleanliness.

Computer, Development, Research and Information Unit:

  • Coordinate between the department and other university sectors to determine requirements and ensure better management.
  • Prepare reports on the requirements of departments and units, with regard to computers and hardware, for finishing tasks, and submit the requirements to the department.
  • Supervise the technical performance inside the units and departments.
  • Prepare annual reports.
  • Supervise the website of the department.
  • Define the adjustments and remarks related to the warehouses programs, and send them to the IT center.
  • Receive all incoming transactions, including orders of supplies, and present them to the furniture committee.
  • Report to the competent committees about what has been achieved regarding the orders.

Warehouse Units:

  • Furniture Warehouse.
  • Equipment Warehouse.
  • Stationery Warehouse.
  • Classroom Warehouse.
  • Press Warehouse
  • Building Material Warehouse and Spare Parts for Air Conditioners.
  • Safety (Fire Extinguishers) Warehouse
  • Tent Warehouse.
  • Vehicle Consumables Warehouse.
  • Female Section Warehouse.
  • Customer Care Center Warehouse.
  • Returned Items Warehouse.

Scope of the Work of Each Department:

  • Receive, maintain and deliver supplies to the requesting bodies.

Returned Items Warehouse:

  • Receive returned items from from those returning them.

Articles available at the Returned Items Warehouse:

  • Furniture, devices, and equipment.