Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Units and Their Functions

- 2018/07/06

Administrative Units:

Secretariat, Incoming and Outgoing, Archiving Units


To receive, send and audit the unit’s incoming and outgoing transactions, and take the necessary action to finish them.

Computer, Coordination and Development Unit

Unit Scope of Work:

To coordinate between the department and other university sectors to determine requirements and ensure better management.


  1. To receive all incoming transactions including orders of supplies and present them to the furniture committee.  
  2. To report to the competent committees about what has been achieved regarding the orders. 
  3. To define the adjustments and remarks related to the department’s program and send them to the IT center. 

Warehouse Units:

 (Furniture Warehouse), (Equipment Warehouse), (Stationery Warehouse),

(Study Halls Warehouse), (Spare Parts and Building Materials Warehouse), (Print House Warehouse) and (Returned Items Warehouse).    

 Work scope of each type:

 To receive, maintain and deliver supplies to the requesting bodies.

Tasks of each type:

  • To receive all incoming supplies to the public warehouse.
  • To take the necessary procedures to receive the supplies, as per the rules and procedures of the governmental warehouses.
  • To prepare the delivery notes.
  • To follow-up on the special transactions by inputing supplies in the public warehouse.
  • To record the incoming supplies and items in the item cards.
  • To prepare the material release request orders for all the university’s units.
  • To release supplies and items from the warehouse under a written approval from the Head and Deputy of the Department.
  • To save photos of release request orders with sequential dates.
  • To number the items as per the item numbering manual used in the Department of Warehouses.
  • To provide means of security and safety for the public warehouse.
  • To notify the Head of the Department in case of increase or decrease of the balance of the items in the public warehouse.
  • To take periodic inventories of the public warehouse for the matching process to make sure of the safety of the balance.
  • To notify the Head of the Department in case of shortage in the means of security and safety at the public warehouse.


- Returned Items Warehouse:

Stuff available at the returned items warehouse:

furniture, equipment and devices.