Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Projects Department

- 2018/02/19



The Projects Department is concerned with the preparation of a methodology to manage and follow up projects according to their objectives, priorities and importance, as well as the international standards. Also, it establishes performance measurement indicators for the completion of projects and the extent of progress to be seen by the deanship's head. The Department is also entrusted with planning projects and identifying the mechanisms through which projects are implemented.

The Projects Department consists of three divisions that work in an integrated manner to perform the assigned tasks, in coordination with the other departments of the Vice Deanship, to achieve its operational plan objectives. It also provides the work requirements for the divisions and endeavors to constantly follow up work and assess the performance of the divisions' staff. The Department includes the following:



Projects Management Division


  • Evaluating the current situation and analyzing the gaps of the university's projects and comparing them to the international universities.
  • Developing a project management methodology that complies with the international standards of (PMP) followed in project management by the Project Management Institute in the United States of America.
  • Studying the projects according to their objectives, priorities and importance.
  • Preparing the projects' budgets.
  • Determining the target group of each project.
  • Planning projects and determining the mechanisms through which the projects are implemented.
  • Supervising and following up all projects during implementation from start to finish.
  • Preparing technical and functional cadres required to participate in the projects.
  • Hiring competent project managers to implement projects.
  • Supervising projects to ensure the quality of outputs, and commitment to implement and deliver them on time.
  • Training the staff of the Deanship of Information Technology to use international standards in projects management by providing professional training courses. This is by contracting with accredited training associations through the Deanship's training department.

Change Management Division:


• Implementing a structural methodology and leadership for Change Management Division's activities.

• Building a strategy to manage change.

• Supporting change management at the organizational level.

• Supporting the communication and training efforts.

• Identifying and measuring success criteria, and monitoring progress in the change process.

• Assessing the impact of change.

• Providing consultation and training to project teams.

• Supporting the leaders and their engagement to:

  • To complete the evaluation of the change management process.

o To coordinate efforts with other specialists.

o To identify, analyze and prepare risk reduction methods.

o To identify and manage the expected resistance.

o To integrate change management activities into the project plan.

o To support organizational design and determines roles and responsibilities.

o To assess and ensure user readiness.

o To manage the burden of change, follow-up and reporting.

Projects Study and Preparation Division


  • Preparing the required letters and conditions booklets for projects.
  • Arranging and coordinating with developed private sector companies to implement projects.
  • Arranging and coordinating with the required work teams (at the university and the companies implementing the projects) to work on all the proposed projects.
  • Following up the projects from the beginning until its finish.
  • Confirming the documentation, certification and archiving of all documents related to projects.