Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-deanship of Projects and Development

- 2016/12/06


The vice-deanship is tasked with managing the projects supervised by the deanship, in terms of tenders, holding technical committees, contacting with executing companies, managing and following up on projects technically and administratively. 

Organizational Structure 

Projects Management Office 


The Project Management Office supervises IT projects at UQU. It coordinates 4 main projects related to the IT deanship:
• Project management: preparing reports and following up on resources and projects;
• Request management: project spend and governance review;
• Project management support: providing training, tools, and models to support project management methodology, and selected projects management; 
• Operation methods analysis: reviewing current work processes in order to redesign them;
• Identifying needs: identifying and keeping track of basic staff and technical needs.
The Project Management Office makes it easy to deal with projects' requests. It reviews requests; assigns the concerned IT deanship officer to assess the technical benefits and methods; deals with clients and the Deanship of IT to evaluate the required efforts and submit the request to the leadership of the deanship for review and setting priorities. 

Main tasks include:

- Designing project management policies and methods at the deanship;
- Offering support and direction on project management to the deanship;
- Offering training on project management and project management software, helping trainees with project management tools;
- Providing project managers for different projects.

What Project Management Office offers:

Mission and objects of Project Management Office:
- Compliance of all IT investments with scientific requirements and IT non-strategic expenses reduction policy;
- Improving prioritization and identifying the proper scientific projects and programs to achieve the required administrative focus;
- Ensuring the elimination of inapplicable projects earlier;
- Executing strict control and governance with regard to IT spend, current and proposed projects and programs, and increasing project success rate;
- Managing IT projects and programs of the deanship;
- Risk management of projects;
- Ensuring that project outputs are in line with applicable procedures and models; 
- Coordination with all project managers to better use resources;
- Developing and putting into effect sound communication plans;
- Achieving central control over various projects and programs;
- Quality control for the output of the Project Management Office;
- Developing better standards in line with Project Management Institute best practices'
- Providing programs, project information and reports to the executive bodies to help improve decision making.  

Office employees: 

1- Ahmed Al-Ramlawy .
2- Hussein Felemban.