Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship of Information Technology

- 2018/02/20


The Vice-deanship of Information Technology is concerned with management of administrative and financial affairs of the deanship, including:

  • Approval of clock in, and clock out sheets.
  • Approval of deductions.
  • Preparation of overtime sheets and allowances.
  • Preparation of the annual budget of the deanship.

Organizational Structure 

The vice-deanship has one department: Beneficiary Services. 

Technical Support and Beneficiary Services Unit 

Organizational Link:

The Technical Support and Beneficiary Services Unit  directly reports to the Vice-Deanship of e-Transactions.
Tasks of the Technical Support and Beneficiary Services Unit  can be summed up in the following: 
- To provide best service for all beneficiaries.
- Efficient completion of work.
- To provide solutions for all problems of beneficiaries. 
- To provide technical consultancies for beneficiaries. 
- To demonstrate excellence in providing the services and upgrading quality of the work in the unit. 

Tasks and Responsibilities:

- Setting plans and policies to achieve the objectives. 
- To fully oversee teamwork and ensuring  implementation of the work plan. 
- To forward regular reports and statistics to the deanship management. 
- To forward requirements and demands of the unit to the deanship management.
- To attend meetings between the department and sub-departments. 
- To set solutions and for solving the emerging problems. 
- The department is the only channel to provide services for beneficiaries. 
- To evaluate the performance of the team works. 

 Organizational Structure

 As described in the figure above, the Technical Support and Beneficiary Services 
includes a number of units:

1- Maintenance and Technical Support Unit 

Functions of the Unit:

This unit represents the beating heart of the deanship for undertaking many tasks including; maintenance of beneficiaries devices, preparing the new devices, recycling of the damaged devices, receiving all requests of maintenance by phone and responding to them and following them up, besides receiving all repairing request that can be settled remotely. This unit has two branches in Abidia and Azizia.

2- Storage and Supplies Unit 

Functions of the Unit:

This Unit follows up supplies of the devices with the suppliers, then receiving them upon delivery, taking their inventory and registering them in the program, besides forwarding regular reports on the assets of the warehouse, conducting field visits  to compare them with the supplies orders, and releasing the orders as per the physical requirement, delivering the provisions to the beneficiaries, receiving paper transactions after achieving the required tasks and archiving them electronically so as organize filing and transactions process and to refer to them when necessary.      

3- Technical Development and Training Unit 

Functions of the Unit:  

The Unit is concerned with discovering what is new in the modern internet and technology world to facilitate method of work performance  including;  specifications of the devices and support tools in maintenance process, forwarding regular reports to the head of the training unit,  provide training for the employees, besides setting up training plan for the trainees.  

4- Technical Support System Unit

Functions of the Unit: 

The Unit is concerned with the production of the successful programs that provide the trainee with the scientific and educational expertise to practice what he has learned during his study in the college.   Such programs come as a result of the joint effort between the training unit and the business sector which enables the trainee to practice the expertise and skills  that he has learned during the training period.