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Web Portal Updates (April 2016)

UQU Portal Updates , Accomplishments ,
Added on - 2016/04/25  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/04/25

Features & Improvements:  

  1. Improve single sign on phrases (SSO).
  2. Update pages and news editor in the sites control panel.
  3. Support multilingual pages and news editor on the control panel.
  4. Add Autosave feature to pages and news in case of interrupted connection or at the end of a work session.
  5. Delete the unnecessary columns from the pages and news control pages.
  6. Improve the editing and translating of pages and news.
  7. Delete the access rights from ratings system.
  8. Add the data update link to the login screen.
  9. Improve the synchronization system of users' data with the University system and the e-mail.
  10. Identify  threshold for the number of news displayed in the news programming interface in the full view to be only (10) news max.
  11. Identify a threshold for the news displayed in the news programming interface according to ratings to be only (5) news max.
  12. Identify a threshold for the banners displayed at the horizontal and vertical banners interface to be (15) banners max.
  13. Identify a threshold for the events displayed in the programming interface of the events bar to be only (5) events max.
  14. Improve the electronic petition in terms of verification of data and query.
  15. Update the search engine (Google) of Umm Al Qura University.
  16. Improve the query result of the electronic petition.
  17. Improve the model of (Tell Us).
  18. Update the browser of the sites and lists and repairing the links in the display.
  19. Adding the feature of modifying the English name in the profile.


  Bug Fixes: 


  1. The problem of verifying (IP) for the users in the single sign-on system (SSO).

  2. The links for the files, pages and old sites on the former website of the University ( temporarily.
  3. The problem of the disappearance of some menu's items when moved in the tree view in the control panel of the sites.
  4. The links problem in Google search engine.
  5. Problems in viewing pages and news in the case of requesting its accreditation and approval, and thus requesting its accreditation again.
  6. Problem in saving the site template.
  7. Problems in saving (HTML) codes with adding a system for filtering the codes (HTML, Javascript, CSS).
  8. Login problems using the e-mails of entities associated with the university structure.
  9. Problems in the events and occasions system.
  10. Problems in RSS.
  11. The problems of study plans.
  12. The problems of languages in the news and pages.
  13. The password change in case there is no email or phone number.
  14. Problems in the profile.
  15. The problem of long texts in the students' assessment of the staff.
  16. The links list in (the menu) and the way of viewing the (tabs).
  17. The external links in the side list of pages.
  18. The way of displaying the upper main menu according to the used machine.
  19. The problem of displaying the students list.
  20. The problem of displaying the disabled sites.
  21. Some translations in the presentation of curriculum vitae .
  22. Displaying the news, events, classifications and lists by date and arrangement.
  23. Problems in entering the contact information.


The University Electronic Portal Management Team ,,