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Dr. Shosho Honors the Staff of the Warehouses Administration

Added on - 2019/09/12  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/09/12

Dr. Yasser bin Sulaiman Shosho, UQU Vice President, honored the staff of the Warehouses Administration for the excellence in their work performance and the efforts they exerted during the academic year 1439/1440 A.H.

The director of the Warehouses Administration, Mr. Mahmud bin Abdul-Hamid Buqas, referred to the keenness of the UQU Vice President to honor the staff of the administration in return for their outstanding efforts. He expressed appreciation for Dr. Yasser Shosho's support and guidance he provided to the department, and for motivating its employees to increase their efforts in serving this university. He presented Dr. Shosho with the reports of the achievements carried out during the current year, including: "the annual report", and "the operational plan". The UQU Vice President lauded the idea of the "Ideal employee Award" applied by the administration.

The employees honored by the UQU Vice President included: Mahmud bin Abdul-Hamid Buqas, Abdul-Mu`in bin Ghaith Al-Hashmi, Ayman bin Ameen Fadin, Nasser Anaber Al-Maatani, Ahmad bin Saeed Al-Khatabi, Khalid bin Omar Al-Marabai, and Taha bin Omar Husawi.