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A Workshop Entitled: “Councils and Committees System”

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2021/08/22 AC

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A Workshop Entitled: “Councils and Committees System”

The workshops will cover the following topics:

• Creating and asking for a session.

• Adding topics and their attachments and details.

• Voting for topics on the part of the academic staff.

• Adding a recommendation for a topic.

• Issuing minutes.

• Submitting a request for validation to the authorized person.

• Obtaining the authorized person’s approval of the minutes.

• Reviewing the result of the approval of each topic.

• Issuing the validation letter.


Registration for the workshops

Workshop 1

Registration link: Registration for the workshop

Password: 3mDHN5Zq

Period: 1 days
Starts At: 2021/08/25 - 12:00 - PM
Withdrawal: Not Permitted (The time permitted for withdrawal has ended.)
The event has expired.