Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Volume (10) - Issue (1) - Muharram 1440 A.H. / October 2018 A.C.

- 2019/07/30

UQU Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences

Volume (10) - Issue (1) - Muharram 1440 A.H. / October 2018 A.C.


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1- The Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program to Develop Non-Verbal Communication Skills for Foreign Faculty Members at The College of Science.

Dr. Abdul-Qadir Ubaidullah Al-Homairi .......... 13-51

2- The Effectiveness of Infographic-Based Training in Improving Motor-Visual Memory among Kindergarten Children in Makkah.

Dr. Amani Hamad Mansur Al-Shua`ibi .......... 53-77

3- Mutual Training as a Comprehensive Community Development Channel: A Proposed Model of the Role of Universities and the Institute of Public Administration in Community Development.

Dr. Nasir ibn Sa`ud ibn Abdulaziz Al-Rayis .......... 79-125

4- The Reality of Supervising the Students of the Practicum in the Department of Curricula and Instruction at the College of Education in King Saud University.

Dr. Muhammad ibn Mofleh Al-Dosari .......... 127-160

5- Leading Change in Departments of Educational Administration in Saudi Universities by using Kotter Model of Change.

Dr. Khalid ibn Awwad ibn Abdullah Al-Thubaiti .........161-209

6- The Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program in Qualifying Mathematics female with Skills of Using some Strategies of Metacognitive Knowledge while Teaching, and the Program’s Effect in Developing Mathematical Problem-Solving Skills among Students.

Dr. Samar Abdulaziz Al-Shalhub .......... 211-260

7- A Proposed Training Program for the Advancement of Professional Competencies of Faculty Members at Bisha University’s Colleges of Science to Better Integrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) across all Disciplines.

Dr. Misfir ibn Khafir Sunni Al-Qarni .......... 261-318

8- The Degree of Possessing the Habits of Mind among High School students from the Perspective of Physics Teachers in Riyadh.

Dr. Ebtesam bint Ebrahim bin Muhammad Al-Ajlan ..319-362

9- Obstacles of Utilizing the Artworks of Art Education Department Students from the Perspective of Faculty Members and Students at UQU.

Dr. Abdullah ibn Musharraf Muhammad Al-Sha`ir ... 363-402

10- The degree of Practicing Strategic Leadership among the Leaders of Kindergarten Institutions in the City of Makkah, from the point of view of Deputy Directors of Governmental  Kindergartens.

Dr. Aishah bint Bakr Adam Fallatah .......... 403-445

11- The impact of using integrated storytelling strategies in developing speech and creative thinking skills among preschool children.

Dr. Emad Tawfiq Al-Sa`di, and Dr. Khaldoun Abdul-Raheem Abu Al-Haijaa .......... 447-497