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    Umm Al Qura University Journal for Educational and Psychological Sciences is a background of Umm Al Qura University Journal for Educational, Social and Human Sciences. Was issued for the first time in 1429H, and issued twenty issues of the magazine until 2007 (1428 AH), before the Scientific Council of Umm Al-Qura University issued a decision on Muharram 13, 1429, based on the names of some have been changed patrols in Umm Al-Qura University, . University journals were added, each specialty in a single breed of human knowledge.


    To be the leading journal in publishing studies and researches , and to be among the world's prestigious journals.


   To provide space for academic research on the basis of objectivity in the fields of educational and psychological sciences, while at the same time be proportionate to internationally accepted research standards.


         Disseminate pioneering research in the magazine's areas of interest and pay close attention to all forms of research activity: writing, investigating, translating and applying theories and emerging  Distinctive educational and psychological innovations and experiments, for the purpose of presentation and documentation.  

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