Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from the Office Admin

- 2022/08/24

The Kingdom has been persisting in supporting and activating all capabilities in the scholarships field deeming the latter as a tool for real development and opening doors for world cultures in all fields. This provides students with training and educational opportunities which enable them to develop their capabilities and skills to satisfy renewable needs arising out of community developments.

As we launch the website with its new look, the scholarship office, is pleased to receive your inquiries and comments. We stress working through an integrated system based on the philosophy of intensifying all efforts for scholarship students’ satisfaction. A philosophy which is implemented through executive culture based on adhering to professional standards.

We will seek, through this E-window, to communicate with all scholarship students – whether in the Kingdom or abroad, provide information and latest issues with conformity to required quality.

Finally, we promise we will adhere to professional, rational and firmly-established principles, rely on creative executive policies, and devise innovative strategic ideas that help us offer better services and find sustainable solutions. This will be implemented in order to create a working environment that keeps pace with the changing requirements of the age and meets the needs of the employees and customers. Therefore, I invite you to share with us this interest.


Written by the former General Supervisor of the Scholarships Department, Dr. Saud bin Hamoud Jaber Al-Harthi, and approved and ratified by the current General Supervisor of the Scholarships Department, Dr. Ghassan bin Farouq Bati.