Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Department Units

- 2016/05/19

Admission Unit:

 Overview & Responsibilities: This unit is responsible for issuing financial guarantees for foreign universities, and guiding scholarship candidates along to the most effective ways to get accepted at those universities.


Scholarship Decisions Unit:

 Overview & Responsibilities: This unit is responsible for issuing scholarship executive decisions, as well as the decisions having to do with the requests of students on scholarships, such as the requests of scholarship expansion, university change, or academic trips.


Scholarships and Training Committee Secretariat: 

 Overview & Responsibilities: It handles all tasks and responsibilities of the Scholarships and Training Committee, receives requests from scholarship students and candidates, and submits them to the committee.


Incoming & Outgoing Transactions:

 Overview & Responsibilities: This unit handles the department's incoming and outgoing transactions, and archives them automatically.



Overview & Responsibilities: This unit is responsible for saving and retrieving transactions and documents, and then archiving them manually as appropriate.


Administrative Affairs:

 Overview & Responsibilities: This unit is responsible for preparing all the correspondence that would ease the flow transactions, as well as following up the requests received at Safir Portal.


Girls Unit:

The department branch at the Girls Section functions as the contact point between the UQU girl students and the Department of Scholarships. It receives and answers their inquiries regarding scholarships.