Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Word of the Vice-Dean for Measurement and Assessment:

- 2017/02/19

Umm al-Qura University endeavors to take all arrangements to ensure a development movement covering all its internal operations and outputs, thus, the university paid great attention to the Deanship for University Development & Quality because of its strongly belief of the importance of this deanship in supporting the university development movement and achieving ambitions. The deanship, thanks to Allah Blessings, exerts great efforts to achieve integration and harmony between quality and development systems for the close relationship between the same.

For the purpose of enhancing quality and sustainable development to reach excellence in performance, the deanship endeavors to provide full support and adopt all initiatives aiming at enhancing values of quality, efficiency and effectiveness in learning and education, acts that translate the deanship sought to have UQU, with all its colleges and branches, approved by local and international accreditation bodies.

Quality assurance is a corner stone for higher education institutions development, as universities commit with applying local and international accreditation standards to keep up with education and competition policies of the Globalization Age; therefore, quality procedures and applications have no longer an option but they have become necessary pillars for preserving excellence. Consequently, the Deanship of University Development & Quality, with all its vice-deanships and supportive units topped by the vice-deanship for measurement & assessment, seeks to develop and apply quality to improve manpower efficiency and assure quality of academic programs outputs. In addition, the vice-deanship is keen on providing all necessary measurements to assess educational outputs and control quality through laying down relevant standards and bases. This comes along with interest in measuring performance indicators and satisfaction level of the faculty members and students, making use of the international standards for quality which enable us gain accreditation for our programs from those prestigious scientific bodies that made advanced steps in this field.


Vice-Dean for Measurement & Assessment 

Dr. Deyab Aied Aoud Almaleki