Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Administration

- 2019/10/22

About the College Administration

The director of the college is the person in charge of the administration of the financial and administrative affairs of the college.


Supervising the application of the regulations and systems of administrative and financial affairs at the university.

Reporting on back-to-work faculty members, administrators and technicians, and on leaving work.

Supervising and developing the administrative and financial affairs of the college in line with the university administration.

Supervising and following up the implementation of the administrative work of the administration units.

Supervising and developing the work progress in the administration.

Supervising the quick procurement of the college purchases of urgent requests.

Supervising the work related to applications of the contracted staff in the college with regard to the Passport Department (residence cards, visas, and tickets).

Organizing regular leave for college staff, including administrators, technicians, employees, and workers.

Supervising the attendance and absence records of the administrative and technical staff.

Preparing the annual report and periodic reports of the work of the administration and its affiliated units, and submitting them to the dean of the college.

Supervising the financial affairs and custody assigned to the administration, in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Performing the tasks assigned by the dean or the vice dean.


Responding to all transactions received from all administrative units at the university.

Approving and signing purchase orders in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Approval of the required guarantees from the contracted staff when traveling.

Approval of identification certificates for the staff who are not members of the faculty, and persons of similar status, in accordance with the system.

Approving the leave of all staff, administrators, technicians, and researchers after the approval of their immediate supervisors.

Recommending the assignment of those required by the interest of work to be assigned to work outside the official working hours according to the statutory basis.

Signing the letters of referrals of the employees and workers of the college for medical examinations.

Approving the completed deputation forms of the staff from administrators, technicians, and researchers.

Approving the disbursement from the administration budget and custody in accordance with regulations.