Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The College Building (Male Section)

- 2019/10/22


 Building of the College of Health Sciences at Al-Leith

A building of four storeys was rent to be a headquarters of the male students section at the College of Health Sciences. The building has been redesigned internally according to the criteria approved by the university, and includes:

  • Ground floor: library, biochemistry lab, Microbiology and Parasitology lab, research lab, student club and the Cafeteria.
  • First floor: five small classrooms, two medium halls, chapel, computer lab, administrative offices, Internet Control Room.
  • Second floor: HE Dean's Office, vice-deans offices, departments heads offices, the office of the staff members, the meeting hall, exhibition hall, guest room.
  • Third floor: the expansion of the proposed departments is under construction.
  • Roof: a rest area for visitors.

Medical Biochemistry Laboratory

 The Medical Biochemistry Laboratory is one of the most important laboratories established at the College. It includes the latest laboratory equipment that enable the conduct of most of the clinical tests on blood such as UV spectrophotometer, the devices of separating blood samples (Centrifuges). The lab equipment enable also the identification of sugars, amino acids and lipids in the biological fluids and foods. The lab along with the research unit conduct scientific researches that fall within its specialization.

Microbiology Lab, food safety and parasites

This lab was designed according to the global standards of safety and quality. It is equipped with the equipment and tools required for practical studies, and includes the following units:

1. preparation and processing.

2. microscopic examination unit.

3. primary laboratory equipment unit (incubator, hot oven, sensitive balance).

4. The refrigeration and freezing unit.

5. the disinfection and sterilization unit.

6. the consumed tools unit (pipettes, slides, plates, solvents and reagents).

The microbiology lab is concerned with identifying and isolating the microorganisms (bacteria and fungi of health importance) using the biochemical methods of sprouting, dying and testing in the Department of Food Safety. The lab includes the detection of contaminants of food, including the microorganisms, density tests, acidity and fat content as well as the study the physical and chemical properties of food. Finally, with regard to parasites and insects of medical importance, the lab is concerned with microscopically identifying them, the use of serological tests and identifying the medical insects using the external form and structure. Moreover, the lab in combination with the research unit at the College conducts the scientific researches to serve the community.

Scientific Research Lab:

Computer Lab


Contains 51 device with the following specifications:

  • CORE I5.
  • WINDOWS 8.1.

This lab trains students on computer skills, statistical and medical applications in the field of health sciences.


A number of five small halls accommodate 20 students and a medium hall accommodates 30 students. Additional halls are being prepared according to the international quality standards in the section of male students.

The library

This library is under construction where a great deal of works have been completed according to the international quality requirements. The library accommodates 50 students at the moment and work is underway to expand it to accommodate 150 students. In addition, the library will have a digital library equipped with computers.

Student Club:

The students club has been established so that our students can fully play their roles at the College in all social fields.


The Cafeteria has been established inside the College to serve the students and staff members.


A chapel has been established inside the College which can accommodate 120 persons.