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Umm Al-Qura University

Al-Leith Province

- 2016/04/26

Al-Leith is a coastal area located on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, 180 kilometers off the south of Makkah, and 220 kilometers off Jeddah. AL-Leith has a land area of approximately 25,000 km2, and a population of 70,000.

​Al-Leith Map

According to the administrative divisions in Saudi Arabia, Al-Leith is the capital of Al-Leith Province, which is part of Makkah Region. Al-Leith Province is divided into around 12 localities.

The city is named after Wadi Al-Leith (Al-Leith Valley) since it is located near its estuary. In the past, it was a commercial hub receiving large ships from JizanYemen, and the coasts of Africa and exporting goods afterwards to Makkah and Jeddah.

Al-Leith is located on the coasts of the Red Sea, 200 kilometers along the coastline. It is located near Yalamlam, the Miqat of Yemeni Muslim pilgrims. During the past ten years, Al-Leith witnessed great boom, especially in terms of attracting investments, since it hosts a large shrimping project and a number of marine tourism projects.