Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The College Vice Deanship for the Female Students Section

- 2019/10/22


The vice deanship is concerned with the educational, academic, research, administrative and financial processes, and is responsible for the organization of the work in the college at the departments for the female students, and the facilitation of the departments' affairs in a manner serving the interest of the work and according to the regulations and statutes of the Higher Education Council. The Vice Dean of the College is appointed from the female academic staff who are distinguished by their administrative capabilities, as per a decision from His Excellency UQU President, based on a nomination by the Dean of the College.

Duties of the College Vice Dean for the Female Students Section:

  1. Supervising the implementation of the college’s strategic plan for the female students.
  2. Managing the college’s educational, research, administrative, financial, and cultural affairs related to the female students.
  3. Coordinating and developing the college’s relationships inside the university with regard to the female students.
  4. Supervising the provision of all the college’s educational, research, administrative, and financial requirements related to the female students.
  5. Supervising the performance of academic departments.
  6. Maintaining the college’s fixed and movable property.
  7. Working on improving the college’s mental image.
  8. Supervising the planning and preparation of the total budget with regard to the female students.
  9. Implementing and following up the decisions of the College Council.
  10. Developing the work in the female students' sections, both administratively and academically.
  11. Coordinating and organizing the administrative and organizational relationship with the dean of the college, vice deans and heads of the departments, each according to the area of his professional specialty, in relation to the female students' sections.
  12. Preparing comprehensive periodic reports on the progress of the study and on the work performance undertaken by the female sections, and submitting them to the dean of the college.


  1. Provision of distinctive educational programs to keep pace with the latest scientific developments at the level of the bachelor's degree.
  2. Preparation of outstanding health care cadres in the field of specific specializations of public health sciences.
  3. Spreading the proper health culture, and changing health habits among individuals of the society.
  4. Provision of high-quality health services in the form of competent graduates.
  5. Provision of the scientific and applied consulting services and the continuing medical education programs to the cadres specialized in the public health fields.
  6. Conducting research in the public health field.
  7. Coordination and cooperation with the institutions that provide health services.