Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Alumni Unit

- 2017/05/14


Based on its care for both male and female alumni, Al-Lith Health Sciences College (AHSC) has created the “Alumni Unit”, whereby AHSC seeks to sustain incessant communication with its alumni who are the pride of the College.

Putting students at the center of the learning process, the Alumni Unit is designed to learn alumni’s views and suggestions, as well as the professional challenges facing them. AHSC also aims to leverage their employers’ feedback on their academic knowledge and working-level; to help AHSC develop its courses.



Building an effective and sustainable partnership between Al-Lith Health Sciences College, its male and female alumni, and all stakeholders.



Strengthen communication and tighten relationship between the AHSC and its alumni, as well as the relations of graduates with one another, via effective programs and other means of communication, in such a manner that supports AHSC’s policy and mission.



  • Build a comprehensive alumni database;
  • Provide information on male and female alumni numbers and data, etc., and make it available to departments upon request;
  • Communicate with male and female alumni via multiple media to tighten the bond between them and their College;
  • Enable communication among alumni to foster the spirit of cooperation;
  • Update alumni with the latest AHSC’s academic and research developments;
  • Assist alumni with career opportunities specific to their domains and preferences;
  • Invite male and female alumni holding leading positions to participate as speakers in AHSC’s events; and
  • Leverage the alumni expertise to develop academic plans according to the labor market needs.

Key Tasks of the Alumni Follow-up Unit::

  1. Build the Unit’s organizational structure;
  2. Hold regular meetings for the Unit’s Board, and prepare a semi-annual report on its achievements as well as the effectiveness of its Action Plan;
  3. Prepare statistics on the College’s inputs and outputs for each course;
  4. Prepare alumni files, and create a database for the Alumni Follow-up Unit;
  5. Prepare the Alumni Data Form, distribute it to the College’s final-year undergraduates, as well as graduates of all disciplines, to fill the forms up, then collect them and update the database;
  6. Communicate with alumni via multiple media to enhance graduate's connection to the College;
  7. Follow up alumni to identify the functional areas they have joined;
  8. Constantly update the means of communication with alumni;
  9. Prepare surveys to measure alumni satisfaction with the College’s courses and services, then extract and present such data in a regular report for further discussion in order to take corrective actions accordingly;
  10. Hold an ad hoc meeting between the College’s senior students and the Unit’s officials to highlight the Unit’s importance and its role in connecting the College’s alumni with the labor market;
  11. Communicate with interested institutions, companies and ministries, and coordinate with them to accommodate as many alumni as possible;
  12. Conduct a field study, then contact employers using various means of communication in order to identify their needs to the College’s alumni, and measure satisfaction with their performance;
  13. Invite alumni to the College’s events and the continuous development programs; and
  14. Hold the "Commencement Ceremony" on an annual basis.