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Frequently Asked Questions

- 2020/09/29

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I participate with a project in any subject area I am studying?

No. The participating project should only be a graduation project.

Can I participate without the knowledge of the department or college in which I am studying?

No. Participation requires attaching the student's department or college approval form.

Can I participate with more than one project?

Yes, if the student is a participating member in several projects.

Who is entitled to benefit from the competition award?

Only students are entitled to benefit from the competition award.

Does winning the competition qualify me to patent my project idea?

Not necessarily. This depends on the project idea itself.

Does winning the competition mean that the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship shall acquire ownership of my project idea?

No. Winning the competition establishes the student's right of ownership to his own idea and registers it in his favor.

Are students outside Umm Al-Qura University eligible to participate in the competition?

No. The competition is restricted to Umm Al-Qura University students.

Does winning the award make me earn a grade of A+ in the graduation project?

Of course, winning the award is an achievement to be proud of; however, it does not entitle you to a grade of A+ in the subject.

Does the Institute provide financial support during the project preparation period?

The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship has launched the graduation project competition to boost student morale, promote the spirit of competitiveness, and enhance the produced graduation projects, but there is no financial support from the Institute during the project preparation period.

Does winning the competition give me the right to develop my project into a marketable product?

No. Students must look for ways and opportunities to transform their winning projects into marketable products through the relevant agencies who provide support in this field.

Are students who score low grades eligible to participate in the competition?

Yes, they are eligible to participate after obtaining the approval of their respective departments and colleges.