Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from Dean of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

- 2021/08/18

The success of any entity is linked, in the first place, to its internal and external environment, and if the educational entity seeks leadership and excellence and to join the rank of international universities, its work needs to be creative.

That is why the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship works to keep pace with the scientific developments as part of the strategic directives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. To that end, the institute adopted, in its vision, mission, and objectives, ways to address the scientific challenges, motivating the community to innovate in order to create start-up companies that contribute to the growth of the economy, develop the business environment, and create job opportunities in the community to contribute to placing the kingdom in the ranks of the advanced countries in science and technology.

Since its establishment in UQU, the institute is considered a connecting link between the UQU innovators and the opportunities available to create a productive entrepreneurial community, as the institute provides all the needed support to innovators in all phases of their entrepreneurial projects, in terms of:

  • Supporting innovations and inventions, and supporting their development in a way that they can be presented as products or services or establishing projects based on these innovations.
  • Enabling the entrepreneurs to access several sources of information, knowledge, education and training related to entrepreneurship.
  • Providing work places and spaces to establish projects and develop businesses.
  • Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the university community.

We endeavor, in the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to achieve leadership and excellence in all services and programs, and we believe that innovation is the tool of the age that we rely on to achieve the objectives and aspirations of the UQU leadership, participating in shouldering the responsibility of achieving the vision of the wise leadership.


Dean of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Rami bin Abdulaziz Al-Futani