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The General Structure of the Program

- 2020/05/25

The General Structure of the Program


The Medicine and Surgery program is a six-year program, in addition to a compulsory internship year.

The program consists of three stages, as shown in the following diagram:

The first stage aims to develop the student's linguistic abilities and give them greater knowledge on basic sciences.

The second stage of the program starts from the second semester of the sixth year. It provides male and female students with the ability to develop their scientific competencies in line with the SaudiMED Framework affiliated to the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment.

These stages include:

Horizontal and vertical modules within a five-year educational program, from the second to sixth academic years.

  • Horizontal modules: It is an annual plan, in which the student needs to successfully complete the end of year exams.

  • Vertical modules: All vertical modules start from the second academic year and continue until the sixth year, except for the Family Health Service module, which starts from the third academic year and continues until the sixth year, as shown in the following diagram: