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The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is one of the first clinical departments, which were established at the College of Medicine since its inception. The Department has adopted an unprecedented approach to medical education, and has gained great experience and extensive knowledge in a short p

In line with the college vision, the department of anatomy endeavors to become an outstanding center in clinical anatomy in the fields of education, scientific research and community services

The department is considered to be one of the basic medical departments which was established at the College of Medicine. It developed in terms of the teaching and research laboratories, human cadres, and teaching methods.

Through the research it conducts, this department envisages playing a discernible role in serving the university, and being, in the near future, an authentic, world-class reference so far as community service is concerned, as well as staying ready for receiving clinical specimens from all public and

The department was established as one of the departments of the College of Heath Sciences, then became one of the main departments at the College of Medicine.

The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology is a basic medical department which contributes to upgrading level of medical education, clinical training and scientific research depending on an outstanding basic education, clinical and research process. The department also contributes to community s

The Department of Hematology and Immunology is one of the main departments in the College of Medicine at Umm Al-Qura University in Al-Abdiyyah, Makkah. The department is concerned with the study of blood science and its components and related diseases. It is also concerned with immunology, which is

The department, in collaboration with the governmental health sectors at the Holy City, serves the patients by diagnosing, treating, and following up the sick citizens, residents, and visitors from among the pilgrims and Mu`tamirs.

The Department of Medical Genetics was established at the College of Medicine in 2006 A.C., and was headed by Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tayyib. Since its inception until now, it has developed its capabilities and has attracted qualified cadres. This department is considered to be the first Medical Genetics

Enhancing the development and improvement of the medical training and education, scientific research, care of patients and the community services in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect and effective communication.

Medical Biochemistry is one of the basic and fastest growing medical sciences. The biochemistry department has a prominent role in teaching several curricula for students in medical colleges. In addition to teaching students of the second and fourth year of the faculty of Medicine, the department

The Department of Surgery was established in 1419 A.H. with the aim of playing a leading and positive role in medical education and research, and health services in all specializations. The department carries out its mission using the latest teaching strategies based on the principle of problem-base

The Department of Medical Education offers optimum medical services in order to promote and support the teaching and training process at the college. This is implemented by promoting integrated partnership with the other academic departments. This department also encourages and holds research and de

In 1434 A.H., the Department of Orthopedics was established as part of the Department of Surgery.

In 1434H, the ophthalmology, ENT, and head and neck surgery departments were established at the College of Medicine.