Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Faculty of Medicine Vice Deanship for Hospitals Affairs

- 2018/05/31


Faculty of Medicine Vice Dean for Hospitals Affairs

Dr. Ashraf M. Warsi


Duties of the Faculty of Medicine Vice Dean for Hospitals Affairs:

  • Supervising the students training during their internship.
  • Supervising the guidance of the teaching staff members at the faculty for the different hospitals.
  • Supervising the committees and the sub-units affiliated to the office at the male-female students premises.
  • Preparing agreements between the faculty and the different medical institutions.
  • Issuing the internship certificates for all faculty programs and reporting the same for the faculty deanship for approval.
  • Supervising the admission works of the teaching staff at the faculty.
  • Making the databases for the teaching staff members at the faculty.
  • Coordinating with the medical colleges in all training affairs of the internship year.
  • Assisting in the work of the evaluation and duties committee at the faculty and recommending appointment.
  • Coordinating and preparing to convene the day of welcoming the laboratories managers and officials of training in hospitals in all programs with a purpose of honoring them and discussing the training problems and how to overcome them.